“Cornelia Patti brings a wealth of experience to the table, literally.  Check out her bio to review the different areas she has formally studied and integrates into her practice.  Her tireless integration of modalities continues to deepened her own understanding of the healing arts which is, in a word, holistic. It is her commitment to continue learning in combination with her many skills that makes her work so remarkable. I always feel safe with Cornelia.  She has always tailored her sessions with me respond to my current needs, she really listens. We have entrusted her with the care of our family members before, during and after surgeries with remarkable results. We have recommended her to our friends. There is no higher recommendation I can give.” Jane


“During my treatment, I almost immediately began to feel a sense of lightness, as if the negative energy were literally floating out of me and vanishing into the air.  I began crying, but these were good, cleansing, helpful, and healing tears.  Tears of relief because I felt so much better.  The sense of lightness and peace is extraordinary.” Lynda


“Cornelia Patti has been my Healing Touch therapist for eight years.  She has treated me for everything from stress and sports injuries to pre and post operative trauma.  As a breast cancer survivor she has helped me through many difficult surgeries.  I feel that without her treatments, my recovery periods would have been much longer.  She even traveled 40 miles once to the hospital to do a post operative healing touch session to help me recover from the effects of anesthesia.  If you have ever been through surgery you know how long it takes torecover from the drugs they give you.  Another time I threw my back out.  Cornelia was away for the week end, so it was all I could do to sit on a rolling stool to get around the house!  Sunday night she came to the house as soon as she got my “distress” message and gave me a treatment.  As soon as she was finished I got off the bed and was able to walk upright again.  Granted I was sore and it took a few days before I felt normal again but I am sure without her therapy I might still be rolling around on that stool unable to walk upright!  She also gives one of the best “hot stone” massages I have ever had!!” Jessica


“When I was having a lot of pain in my back I was very sensitive to touch.  It was difficult for me to tolerate massage because of the pain.  With Cornelia I found relief.  When she came across a painful spot, she would stop the massage and take a few moments to do energy work on the problem area.  Then, when she began massaging the area again there was no pain and she was able to get in and work the muscle as needed.  The combination of energy work with massage is fantastic!  Thank you Cornelia!” Cindy


“In the Fall of 2007 I was log splitting and had an accident smashing my hand.  After surgery my little finger was amputated.  For the next couple of days I was in excruciating pain.  The pain prescriptions only made me nauseous and dizzy.  The pain had  traveled from my hand, up my arm,  and into my shoulder.  Cornelia offered a healing touch session and desperately I accepted.  During the session I kept my eyes closed and Cornelia began checking to feel if I was open for healing touch.  Thankfully I was.  She went to work on my shoulder, arm, and hand area.  Within minutes I could feel the pain move from my shoulder, though my arm and out my hand.  Finally, I was comfortable and that night I could sleep peacefully.  When I returned to the surgeons office a week later, he was amazed.  He had to recheck my chart because I was weeks ahead in the healing process.  He asked if I was usually a fast healer.  I am not.  When I told him about Cornelia’s healing touch, he said to be sure to continue because he had never seen an amputee progress so quickly.  I continued to have Cornelia work my hand and the results continued to be as amazing.  With her work I did not need any more medication and I was nearly pain free.  I would recommend Cornelia to anyone having pain and discomfort.” Susie